Saturday, February 07, 2009

100 Today

I finally did 100 pushups for the first time today!

A few months ago, I started using the schedule published on (someone mentioned it on Planet Apache).

It worked well for me. Even though I could not always follow the course (it took me longer than 6 weeks) there was always somewhere I could fit in on the schedule and feel like I was advancing.

I have also been swimming several kilometers a week for the past few months, enjoying it and improving there too.

Eating more, loosing fat and putting on muscle, it is doing me a power of good.

(I hope this encourages you)


Yoav said...

That's impressive, Jeremy, and inspiring. Good for you!

Ross McDonald said...

Nice one Jerm, impressive, I have not done more than about 30 pressups for a decade or more. Keep up the good work.

Jerm said...

Many thanks both of you : )

Just to drive the point home . . .
I turned 50 last month
When I started the course, I was shocked to find I could only do 3 !!

Anyone can get fitter . . . and everything improves as a result . . .

Lahrasub said...

Hey Jeremy, long time no speak!
I'm you've reached the 100 pushups mark. Are you going to push harder (pun intended ;p)

Kringle said...

Hi there! Just happened upon your blog... as an aerobics instructor (and professor)... I was delighted with your post.. good job on the pushups!!!... I have students do them every class... I too encourage them to make sure to work the opposing back muscles as well!