Thursday, February 14, 2008


Many updates from Apple over the last few days .....
A mixed bag really ......

I love the new Aperture 2 already, I am running it on an early low-end MacBook and it is really responsive. I was not able to get Aperture working here before.

The main disappointment so far is it still lacks the ability to write geolocation EXIF tags.
This means unless you add those tags before import, you've had it. What is worse, Aperture plugin and script writers cannot work around this omission as even the EXIF tag object in AppleScript is read-only.

Leopard 10.5.2 does not fix the things that I still miss from Tiger, like seeing WebDAV Shares in the Finder, missing SMS from AddressBook etc.. And Apple missed fixes for the various glitches to do with calendar entries in a CalDAV Server.


Dave Sag said...

Hey Jerm,

You can use the Aperture export plugin for Flickr in combination with Google Earth to handle your GeoTagging - not perfect but it works. Also I noticed that, despite claims by Apple 10.5.2 still doesn't allow me to sync iCal across machines. Grrr.

Cheers Dave

Andrew Savory said...

WebDAV support in OS X is awful, but there's a solution: grab a copy of Transmit. Once you hook it up to a WebDAV (or FTP, or SFTP, or ...) server, it lets you seamlessly edit files in-place without having to copy them back and forth.

For looking at WebDAV properties, SkunkDAV is slow but mostly works.

Jerm said...

Thanks Dave. You are right, but the annoying thing is that the location you chose cannot be written back to Aperture, it only ends up on Flickr.

Jerm said...

Thanks for the suggestions Andrew :-)