Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hotel WIFI

I have been travelling and staying in hotels recently, while giving training courses in Apache Cocoon.

I stayed in Lincoln for a week, at the disgusting Travel Inn on Canwick Hill. Nasty, ugly, bland, expensive bad food. The crowning insult, being forced to pay £70 for a week's worth of poor WIFI usage in my room. Not only the ridiculous price, but it forced me to re-log in all the time!!

Why do hotels charge for WIFI?
Do we get separate bills for clean sheets, water, electricity?
WIFI should be seen as a service that comes with your bill like any other.

I just got back from giving a course in Brighton.
I stayed at the extremely fun Hotel Pelirocco in Regency Square.
Totally opposite to the Travel Inn experience, a fun, friendly, wacky place ...... each room a different theme, I stayed in the Bowery room, dedicated to the performance artist Leigh Bowery, decorated by his wife and the Kinky Girls' room, complete with handy bondage gear (though not exactly my taste : )

And the other big difference?
I get to my room, wake up my mac and it instantly connects to their free WIFI.

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Dave Sag said...

Hey Jerm, having just done a road-trip accross the USA I can report that we had no trouble finding free WiFi anywhere on the trip - such a nice change from Australia where, like the UK, most places charge like wounded bulls for WiFi - However, in the time I was away Qantas decided to make WiFi in their lounges free. Hooray. And here I am in the Regent's Court Hotel in Sydney right now where the WiFi is alas out of range but there's an ethernet cable here in my room - good enough for me. Dave