Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tagged : 5 things

There is a "5 things" meme going around Apache, I just got tagged by Sylvain.

5 things you may not know about me :

1. I have been on 8 juries but so far I have only been arrested 3 times.
2. At school I wanted to go to university to do physics, the closest I got was to be the cleaner in the Physics Department of (London) City University (where the lecturers were astonished the cleaner knew physics).
3. I was fired from work twice and expelled from school once.
4. I have no qualifications in computing but I do have one in gas blending.
5. I used to be the photographer for an anarchist publication (one of the times I was arrested).

So, to pass this on, I nominate :

Pier, Andrew, Bertrand, Vadim and Steven ...... (Sorry Guys :-))

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