Tuesday, December 05, 2006


An old friend of mine who runs a small business in the UK, described to me his dealings with officials from another country, who wanted to check him out as a potential supplier :

We sent air fares for 5 officials (1st class) they bought economy and pocketed £2k each. Demanded Hilton on Park Lane for 5 nights (our cost). Specified the car they wanted to be picked up in. Demanded an open credit limit on their hotel rooms. Are planning to be on site for the audit for 90 minutes. Crooked? Nah.....

Poor guy!!


Anonymous said...

Jerm, this is a tease! Which other country? Who are these crooks and why did your friend want to hire them in the first place? Why would he fork-out for first class tickets? Come on mate, name names so we can all benefit and not hire these pricks.

As a small business owner myself I can't imagine the circumstances in which I'd agree to fund 1st class tickets for a potential client to come and do their due-dilligence. Dave

Jerm said...

I am not going to say what country it is :-)

He's not hiring them ...... they are being foisted on him, they are supposed to be vetting him for a big government contract.