Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tagged : 5 things

There is a "5 things" meme going around Apache, I just got tagged by Sylvain.

5 things you may not know about me :

1. I have been on 8 juries but so far I have only been arrested 3 times.
2. At school I wanted to go to university to do physics, the closest I got was to be the cleaner in the Physics Department of (London) City University (where the lecturers were astonished the cleaner knew physics).
3. I was fired from work twice and expelled from school once.
4. I have no qualifications in computing but I do have one in gas blending.
5. I used to be the photographer for an anarchist publication (one of the times I was arrested).

So, to pass this on, I nominate :

Pier, Andrew, Bertrand, Vadim and Steven ...... (Sorry Guys :-))

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


An old friend of mine who runs a small business in the UK, described to me his dealings with officials from another country, who wanted to check him out as a potential supplier :

We sent air fares for 5 officials (1st class) they bought economy and pocketed £2k each. Demanded Hilton on Park Lane for 5 nights (our cost). Specified the car they wanted to be picked up in. Demanded an open credit limit on their hotel rooms. Are planning to be on site for the audit for 90 minutes. Crooked? Nah.....

Poor guy!!