Saturday, October 07, 2006

.Mac over and out

I finally kicked the chair out under .Mac.

My account expired on the 1st of October.

Do not send any more email to sharkbait at mac dot com.

Why did I leave ?
It has been unreliable for years, it offers very little that you cannot get better for free. Apple kept focusing on features I was not interested in, while never fixing the long-standing bugs in the stuff I was interested in (this could be a criticism of MacOSX as well !! ).

The one thing I still found useful was syncing between multiple Macs, ironically this is the one part of .Mac functionality that no one has been able to replicate in open-source setups yet. Syncing was a great idea, but it was one of the least reliable parts of the service. You set up .Mac syncing in the System Prefs, to sync Calendars, Addresses, Bookmarks etc. once per day, come back in like a week to find it has not sync'd for several days, no warning. That is just so pathetic as to be insulting. This problem has always existed, Apple do not seem to bother fixing old bugs, just add new ones features.

Don't get me wrong, I am a long-time Mac aficionado, MacOSX is the best OS I have ever used, but it is still a PoS and Apple is still extremely arrogant.


Dave Sag said...

hey jerm, i am keeping my .Mac just for the sync. I sync manually tho - never automatically as you are right, it's just shit much of the time. The syncing of keychains is especially problematic but with care it's usable and as you point out, the only thing in town.

Jerm said...

When I found that no only would iSync not run reliably, but that the online AddressBook (etc.) would not update reliably with the changes, I began to realise I was wasting my time.

I have found a replacement ...... but it is early days for this solution ........ MySync ........ syncs multiple machines, using the Tiger Sync Framework, but without .Mac.

Shane said...

I'm dumping dotmac too. There's a paid app called SyncTogether that does everything except keychains, but it's $50!

What's the best way to manually sync keychains? I imagine only modify one and then copying it over?


Jerm said...

I have tried SyncTogether and was not impressed.
It is hardly better than when it was MySync.
They are asking for money before it is reliable IMHO.

I still do not have a good solution.

Jerm said...

Thanks to this old article on Mac OS X Hints, I find that you can just about synchronise two address books, by using the merge features in
There is a problem though ...... a list of groups eg. "CATEGORIES: group1, group2 " etc. gets appended to the notes of of any updated records, ALWAYS get appended !!