Thursday, October 12, 2006

Google Docs FooBar

Google Docs FooBar
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Browser detection gone wrong .......

"You need Safari 2.0.4 or greater"

That is what I am running you feckwits !!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mine's a half

Even though I may not be ecstatic about Apple's every product ...... I just bought myself some more.

I got sick of lugging my iMac around so I bought a new MacBook, the cheapest model.

It's called HalfPint.

It is the cheapest and fastest Mac (let alone laptop) I have ever owned ...... Apple's got a real cracker here !!!!

Now of course I am scouring the net for Universal Binaries of some of my more obscure apps ......

Saturday, October 07, 2006

.Mac over and out

I finally kicked the chair out under .Mac.

My account expired on the 1st of October.

Do not send any more email to sharkbait at mac dot com.

Why did I leave ?
It has been unreliable for years, it offers very little that you cannot get better for free. Apple kept focusing on features I was not interested in, while never fixing the long-standing bugs in the stuff I was interested in (this could be a criticism of MacOSX as well !! ).

The one thing I still found useful was syncing between multiple Macs, ironically this is the one part of .Mac functionality that no one has been able to replicate in open-source setups yet. Syncing was a great idea, but it was one of the least reliable parts of the service. You set up .Mac syncing in the System Prefs, to sync Calendars, Addresses, Bookmarks etc. once per day, come back in like a week to find it has not sync'd for several days, no warning. That is just so pathetic as to be insulting. This problem has always existed, Apple do not seem to bother fixing old bugs, just add new ones features.

Don't get me wrong, I am a long-time Mac aficionado, MacOSX is the best OS I have ever used, but it is still a PoS and Apple is still extremely arrogant.

CocoonGT 2006, all done

Back from another Cocoon Get Together.

Many thanks to Arjé and his team for another great GT.
His introductory speech about the productivity of vegetarian Cocoon developers was absolutely hilarious !!!!

Ross and I gave a talk on using LDAP from within Cocoon ....... it seems the timing was just right for some people, I had 7 different conversations with people who are about to do this, after the talk ...... good luck guys !!!

Bertrand was kind enough to call our talk the best of the conference, but then went on to say he was biased :-)
I thought his talk about stringing Solr + SVN + WebDAV together to make a "poor man's" CMS was extremely cool.

You can see the photos here and the slides here. Ross posted some tips for large-scale LDAP deployments here (Ross and I will be updating our slides to contain full notes in the next few days, plus we will add our sample app for LDAP to the Naming Block.)

Many thanks to Sena and Hui for putting me up while I was in Amsterdam ....... sorry I did not see more of you guys, but the Cocoon Geeks are so demanding :-)