Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ubuntu: Dead Duck

How enthusiastic I was about Ubuntu in my last post :-)

Ubuntu gradually white-screened more and more on reboot, shutting down and starting up ......
Now I cannot even boot off the installer CDs !!

I tried resetting the PRAM.
I tried what is suggests in yaboot.

I have a non-standard video card in the Cube, but it obviously works and I can't see Ubuntu caring what was originally in a machine as old and obscure as this.

I am disappointed now :_(

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-marc= said...

bummer mate,

I've been pretty pleased with the benefits of ubuntu over the last, say 2, years

but of course I'm just running stuff on the ordinary run of the mill dell laptop
(And I did see the thing run as a breeze on steven's new mac in this 'parallels desktop' environment)

hope you get thigs running again soon...

good luck,